Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception Island or How I'm Seeing Double

Leo is really perfecting his "grieved by his wife" role no? Despite the differences in style, tone and subject matter, at heart these two Leo DiCaprio films have an unstable man trying to keep his grasp of reality intact. I enjoyed both of them more than the critical community it seems, but then I'm a sucker for smarter-than-they-think-they-are screenplays and for well-executed plot twists that aren't really that twistey to begin with.

But really, who can blame DiCaprio's characters with these beauties at his side?

I don't even know if I could pick one over the other... Actually yeah: Marion's deep blue expressive eyes trump even waif-y Michelle's downcast eyes.


Branden said...

I couldn't totally understand the similarities in these movies. It's so eerie. I think Shutter Island was easier to digest than Inception.

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Anonymous said...

both movies are just stupid. you can't just turn a plot inside out without the previous parts fitting in...these flicks were written by idiots who want to cater to other idiots. worthless multi billion dollar crap.