Tuesday, August 12, 2008

mB's Theater! or How it's the 12 Movies Meme

Got linked for this Meme a while ago over at Valley Dreamin', but have been a bit too busy what with moving and stuff. Now, here goes.

The Rules:

1) Choose 12 Films to be featured. They could be random selections or part of a greater theme. Whatever you want.

2) Explain why you chose the films.

3) Link back to Lazy Eye Theatre so I can have hundreds of links and I can take those links and spread them all out on the bed and then roll around in them.

4) The people selected then have to turn around and select 5 more people.

And now, I give you mB's Theater!

Day One:
Angels in America (Millenium Approaches & Perestroika)

Because I can't help but think seeing this in a big screen would be even better!

Day Two:
Intimacy (Closer & Heights)

I have always seen these two as complimentary films: Also - pretty people!

Day Three:
Whimsy Musicals! (8 Femmes & Once More With Feeling)

Just because I love the lengths both these musicals go to at once give homage and refresh the Musical Genre

Day Four:
Weddings! (My Big Fat Greek Wedding & My Best Friend's Wedding)

Because seeing it proves that this heteronormative tradition belongs in a Comedy.

Day Five:
Animation (Monsters Inc. & Spirited Away)

A girl. Monsters. Now watch how the style and narration and message differ.

Day Six:
Sleep & Memory (Sleeping Beauty & Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

A gem from my childhood and a gem from my twenties. I'd be interested to see how they play together.

And now, to link people:

Vance from Tapeworthy
... and everyone else I would have tagged has already done this. I need new blogging friends: any takers?

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