Friday, February 27, 2009

Damn Gyllenhaal, or How will they decide who plays Lola?

Variety is reporting that Jim Carrey and Jake Gyllenhaal are attached to a new film version of the classic Broadway musical Damn Yankees (yeah, you know - the one that recently received a mini-makeover in the hands of a certain Sean Hayes and a smoking Jane Krakowski?)

But of course we won't really know whether this musical will really be worth it until producers attach a female star to inhabit the infamous shoes of a Ms Lola. I mean Carrey is an interesting choice for the Devil and it'll be nice to see Jake play 'wholesome American boy' while singing, but the show needs a strong female singer/actress to pull off, arguably, the best song in the film: Whatever Lola Wants. Suggestions:

- After the Oscars I might be tempted to give Anne Hathaway the role, knowing the pipes she had. This would also be a nice break from her filmic image, giving her a sexier role. Can she dance though? 
- I have to throw Jane K in here of course, but considering the star power the other two leads have, I doubt they'll hire a "TV personality" (as talented and amazing as she may be).
- This is going to sound very fanboyish of me (and maybe I'll suggest it because I suggest this person in my head whenever a new female lead role in Hollywood opens) but couldn't it be great if SMG were to play Lola? We know she can sing and dance (watch Once More With Feeling if you don't believe me) and she can smouldering sexy when she wants to and we all know she needs a Hollywood break, might this be it?
- Does anyone know if Rachel McAdams can sing or dance?
- Has this become just a soundboard for me suggesting young actresses that I'd love to see in musicals? Maybe. But would that take away from Emily Blunt or Natalie Portman into the mix? 

Okay, I'm sure there are better suggestions out there, and regardless - the Studio will pick someone who I haven't completely thought of and I hope to be pleasantly surprised. But til then a boy can dream, no?


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Vance said...

I was just thinking Beyonce too. Though again, I always saw the role as a bit older than Boyd, so I think Catherine Zeta Jones would be a perfect sultry vamp who is scary enough to be working for the devil.

Hence why as much as I would love to see Anne Hathaway do it, she seems too young and nice to me.

mB said...

Beyonce and CZJ did come to mind, but the trouble with the former is the fact that they can't cast Beyonce and play it straight within a 1950s world and the latter - well, can we let someone /else/ have meaty musical vixen roles?

StinkyLulu said...

Remember that Lola needs to be both sweet and sexy.

Which makes me think the most likely contenders, outside Beyonce and Hathaway, are probably Reese Witherspoon (think of all the free media) and Amy Adams (whose earlier roles demonstrate her facility maneuvering the sweet, sexy and sinister).

It's a great part. Will be interesting to see who snags it...

Dame James Henry said...

La Tisdale or J. Hud!