Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted or How I'm digging the album!

Okay so the cover art had me iffy... though I do enjoy the colour-scheme and the sort of retro look, but the songs! Is it any surprise this album has been on loop for over 72 hours now on my iPhone? Mini-review ahead:

My Life Would Suck Without You
I guess this means you're sorry...
It feels very much like a Breakaway-track. And that's never a bad thing.

If I Can't Have You
One look no hesitation, I'm slipping into you.
Kelly's at her best when she does dance-pop, she does have the "just jump up and down along" niche covered.

Long Shot
My heart beat-beats me senselessly!
My fave track! So pop-edgy! It just asks for it to be sung along as loud as you can!

Don't Let Me Stop you
This is gonna sound kinda silly but I couldn't help but notice: the last time you kissed me you kept both eyes open
Can I dance around in my underwear to this every time I feel like boys suck? Yes I can.

If anyone asks, I'll tell them we just both moved on...

Already Gone
Remember all the things we wanted?
Well-executed polished ballad.

All I Ever Wanted
It's time you let me know, let me know
Good beat. Bit forgettable though for a title track.

If No One Will Listen
If your legs are giving up under the weight...
A belting ballad. 

I Do Not Hook Up
The more that you try the harder I fight.
A rockin' anthem of sorts. Think Since U Been Gone.

[I don't think any song that includes "love monkey" in the lyrics should be reviewed, it's the one song I skip EVERY TIME. Kelly trying to be a punk-rocker = not cool]

Save You
I can tell I can tell how much you hate this...
Is it bad that I enjoy Kelly's poppy themes more than sentimentally ballads like these, beautiful as they are?

Too much of your mouth is like too much sun! How I burn, how I burn!
That line alone should tell you everything. Bouncy fun!

Can't change the wind to say, won't matter any way. Can't reach that far cause it's impossible
Breakaway-esque if you know what I mean.

I Want You
No one else will do, I want... No one else gets me
A flirty, fun, whimsical ditty.

Welcome back Kelly! Don't listen to the haters either - My December is still a hot album.


Jeffrey said...

love it too! i've listened to it 2x already!

Dame James Henry said...

Oh man, I am DYING for this album. I'm really glad, for Kelly's sake, that this album is great after that whole My December shitstorm (I will stand by you until the end of time, defending that album)