Saturday, March 14, 2009

Glee, or How is it possible that FOX is producing shows I'd actually like to watch?

Seriously, Dollhouse has been getting stronger with every episode (next week marks the return of Joss to writing duties so I'm ready to get my head exploded!) and while nothing else on FOX really floats my boat (I randomly catch the newer Simpsons, American Idol never really grew on me, House MD is long past its prime... and the fact that I can't name any other FOX vehicles shows how little I think of this network).

But that all is about to change. Behold!


Sally Belle said...

I really like Ryan Murphy. I even liked most of Running With Scissors.

So, I will be checking out Glee. Fox is not a Network I usually watch, here's hoping for somehting good.

Vance said...

Bones. Bones is actually really good. But yah. FOX doesn't have a great track record even though they do tend to greenlight some good shows (Arrested Development, Andy Richter Controls the universe for example)

mB said...

Oh, i did forget Bones but procedurals/cop shows have never been my thing anyways (which is also why I never watch any of the Law & Orders) but I do enjoy seeing Boreanaz employed :)

And yes, I am very excited for this! (And the guest stars! Oh the guest stars!)