Thursday, February 18, 2010

NYT Great Performances, or How look: gorgeous pics!

The entire NYT gallery "Great Performances" is gorgeous, but these three were my favorites (and that's not even going into the very ethereal "The Secret Lives of Girls" portraits which include 2009 it girls from Sidibe to Mulligan to Ronan).

Hunky "Brothers"

God! Julianne and Colin need to reunite ASAP (at least for another dance party, no?)

I don't know how I'm more jealous of.


Ryan T. said...

Wow. You picked the same three which were my favorites! SO pretty.

Branden said...

Did you see the video that accompanied these shots? It was interesting, except for Tobey Maguire's and Sam Worthington's parts.

Vivian said...

These are gorgeous! The picture of Julianne is especially breathtaking- I'm disgustingly jealous.

I found this page through Prof. Gavin's post and I seriously thought that this was going to be another English Lit blog. I'm so glad you proved me wrong. =)