Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TiMER, or How this a good Sci-Fi Comedy!

Written & Directed by: Jac Schaeffer
Starring: Emma Caulfield, Michelle Borth, John Patrick Amedori, Desmond Harrington & JoBeth Williams.

Emma Caulfield + Quirky name = Awkward Comedy Gold

"So, what do you do?"
"Far out. Like a dentist?"
"Yeah... Only... an orthodontist"

Of course exhibit A is Buffy's Anya (and/or Aud and/or Anyanka) but TiMER's Oona is no exception. The premise is an interesting one: what if you had the chance to implant a 'timer' into your wrist that'd tell you exactly when you'd meet your one true love?

You should really take a look at it (you can watch it on Netflix Watch Instantly).

Also: it features this hottie:

Also: it features a Halfrek/Anyanka reunion!


Ryan T. said...

Oh I'm ALL OVER this. Thanks for featuring!

JA said...

Who's The Bangles?