Thursday, January 24, 2008

2008, or How I'm adding to my wishlist

I can't help but keep adding to my 2008 Wish List:

Buffy Season 8 continues
Is anyone else anxious about Drew Goddard's arc or Jane Espenson's issue?
San Diego Comic Con 2008
I had such a good time at the 07 one I'm already saving up to see if I can manage a repeat
BSG Season 4 (read: Last one!)
It has to be frakking amazing, right?
Umbrella Academy
How will it all end? And will please Gerard give us more?
Y the Last Man: The END!
Yes, we'll all cry once Yorick leaves us...
The End of the WGA Strike
One hopes... And if it does:
Pushing Daisies
I mean after that revelation re: Aunt Lily, I need this ASAP

How I Met Your Mother
Because I really want to meet The Mother already!
30 Rock
Do I really need an excuse to want more of this?

1 comment:

POP COLONY said...

There is definitely going to be COMIC-CON 2008!!! Even if I have to personally go and pluck you from the garden state! And this time we'll stay somewhere closer than Tijuana!