Saturday, January 5, 2008

FYC Weblog Awards, or How I'm Back!

Happy (Belated) New Year!

Yes, I'm back. I'm still taking care of a couple of things but I'm back in the interweb (as Tracey Jordan would call it) and I thought I should post something. I can't keep counting on my good friend at Tapeworthy for readership (thanks for linking here while I was gone!).

So, the Weblog Awards have started canvassing for nominations. Now I don't have any delusions when it comes to things like these - what with my dozen followers and such, but I do think everyone should go to the Eighth Annual Weblog Awards Website and nominate the blogs you read on a daily basis. (Best New Blog *cough* Best New Blog) I have already finished my ballot and included the blogs that I not only read daily (or hourly depending on my procrastinating level), but which have in the past linked to yours truly.

Awards, whether they are naked gold men, spacemen or geometrical glass creations are all about visibility. Yes people care about the prestige, but it is all about getting your movie, book, song, etc seen and maybe, just maybe finding an audience. Or not, for some people I'm sure it's all about the self-gratifying moment when they thank their lawyer and their dog-walker...

Without further ado: a special Weblog Awards FYC. (You'll find all the blogs in the Links Next Door section of the blog)


POP COLONY said...

What a beautiful collage!!! Thanks for the consideration. Coming from you it means a lot. Who cares what Technorati says! *crying in shower*

Vance said...

NP, but not sure if my TWO dozen readers help much in linking for more numbers but glad to help! Since I feel that if I missed saying something, you basically said what I was already thinking!

ed said...



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