Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Blog Next Door Recap, or How while I'm away you should catch up

So A Blog Next Door goes on holiday this week - one has to take some time off and spend time with family, and yeah... get to those papers we've been leaving aside for a while now. And so, coming to the blog's fourth month anniversary (who knew?!) I thought I'd offer a menu of past posts that I really like, you should read, link to and more importantly enjoy.

If you're an awards geek, or just want to know what movies to look out this holiday season, you should take a look at my FYC campaign, which included highlighting movies such as , Juno, Hairspray, Ratatouille, Knocked Up, Superbad and the one movie you should catch on DVD right now (!) : Once.

Are you a fan of ABC's wildly colourful, style-obsessed and hilariously upbeat comedy Ugly Betty? Take a look at a tripartite study of Ugly Betty's 'queer' characters as we answer How Queer is MODE? Take a look at the posts on Alex/is Meade, Marc St James and Justin Suarez.

If you're looking at the year ahead just check out the newest collection of posts which highlight a number of upcoming films that A Blog Next Door is looking forward to.

If you want something a bit more meaty (academically speaking), you should check out a couple of posts which have covered events hosted by the English Department here at Rutgers: check out the coverage of the After Sex? On Writing Since Queer Theory event which featured Lee Edelman, Jeff Nunokawa and Michael Cobb among others, and the post on Marilee Lindeman's talk On the Internet Everyone Thinks I'm a Dog.

They gave me a chance to write stuff I love and both posts were warmly welcomed. Over at The Film Experience, Nat hosted a Montgomery Clift Blog-a-thon to which I added my own thoughts on Suddenly, Last Summer's queer leanings. And over at Queering the Apparatus, the blog-a-thon's topic was 'Queer Movies' to which I chimed in with a post on Disney's villains and their particularly queer nature.
Check the Monty post Suddenly, Last Summer, or How Queering is Fun and the QTA post Queering Disney, or How Walt's Villains Play For Our Team.

Seeing Double. What started as a fun addition to the blog, became an addiction. So much that I keep looking out for images that mirror, or echo, or speak to each other. My favourite? The 300/Beowulf (visual) comparison essay.

And then of course, you can revel in posts that are basically just love-letters to the things that have kept me smiling this past year: Pushing Daisies, 30 Rock and Buffy Season 8.

Enjoy! See you in 2008!

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