Monday, December 3, 2007

Desperate Housewives, or How Wisteria Lane gets blown away!

"It was supposed to be a beautiful day..."

And yet, a house collapsed (bringing no Dorothy and thankfully killing none of our Wisteria Lane bit... er witches) as a tornado hit Wisteria Lane 'Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton' style. Just as last year's 'Bang' managed to create a drama-heavy episode that showcased both the actors and the production aspects of the Marc Cherry show, this year's 'Something's Coming' managed to give us great one-liners, a good story and impeccable production (picket fences flying? cars falling? Gabi breaking and entering? Awesome!)
I'll let the formulaic aspects of the episode (and Teri Hatcher's storyline, as well as their insistence on giving Felicity all the drama-heavy moments) go if only because as an episode that began with Mary Alice telling us one of the husbands was going to die kept me guessing all the way through (was I the only one who wished [SPOILERS AHEAD] Mike had been the one to go?)And as a D-Hos event, it blew me, along with all its characters away:
Secrets were revealed (a cheating, tattooed Captain Mal?)
Friendships were strengthened (Bree and Katherine: now, double the fun? Edie and Gabi: now, half the bitchiness?)
Characters were developed (will this be the end of the one-note Edie 'I'm-jealous-and-create-havoc-for-Gabi-and-Carlos' Brit as well as the end of the ever so annoying 'Mike has an addiction' storyline?)
And of course, a lot of 'damage' (that is, both figurative and literal) was done:
As if almost losing her husband, getting cancer and well, having six kids weren't enough the writers decided to destroy Lynette's house. How I miss the Lynette from the Pilot whose comedy came from the domestic aspects of being a mom: remember her in full mourning regalia fishing out the twins from the pool? When oh when will Felicity get her comedy back?

I guess we'll have to wait til next year (oh and yeah... til that strike thing is over. Can they just get their money now?)

Favourite Gabi Lines:
"Carlos if you are taking me somewhere where I don't need a boa I don't want to go."
Re: Edie - "Rot in hell you maggotty whore!" and "So do me a favour and don't mention her name again unless it's followed by 'That conniving skank!'"

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gally said...

HI!! I'm Juan Manuel Galeano,i'm argentine and my english it's so bad, i'm sorry!
I watch Desperate Housewives, me and mys friends are fans!
The twister was amazing and the history broke my head.
I can't write animore, sorry.
bye bye