Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Georges Jeanty Part II, or How Faith is ready for her close-up

Celebrating (but of course always already mourning) the fact that Mr Brian K. Vaughan wraps up his duties as guest-writer in Joss Whedon's Buffy Season 8 comic book series, I am continuining paying tribute to the artist behind the lovely pictures that have brought (with great flare and verisimilitude I might add) the beloved characters from the series. Back are all our original faves (well, almost all - we've yet to see recently deceased Anya, not-so-recently deceased Tara and our favourite werewolf Oz... but, y'know what I mean, why if Amy the witch, Warren the flayed nerd, Brit Ethan and even neat-freak Mayor Wilkins have all gotten the comic-book treatment have we not gotten to see past better-halves of our Scooby Gang? I don't include Cordy mainly cause she would be, I believe now be in IDW Angel canon and not on the Dark Horse buffyverse...) But I digress. Were was I? Oh yes. All our favourite Sunnydale characters are back and have been comic-book canonised by Mr Georges Jeanty and continuing from last week's Buffy post, I give you a post showcasing our (other) favourite slayer: Faith.

"Ms Faith Lehane is ready for her close-up Mr Jeanty"

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