Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Georges Jeanty Part I, or How Buffy is ready for her close-up

After (re)reading Brian K Vaughan's Buffy Season 8 issue 8 (one of the best issues yet!) I was quite impressed with Georges Jeanty's art. I have been admiring his work from issue to issue, but it was in this one where I realised he's just getting better and better (can't wait for next week's issue!)

I thought I should show some love to Mr Jeanty (recently 'seen' on Dexter) and I decided to showcase what I consider is Georges strength: Close-ups. Since I seem to work on threequel posts (I swear, Spidey, Captain Jack and Jason Bourne have no influence on my blog whatsoever!) I will be featuring Georges' three leading ladies in three different posts: Buffy, Willow and Faith.

"Ms Buffy Summers is ready for her close-up Mr Jeanty"

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