Monday, December 17, 2007

Georges Jeanty Part III, or How Willow is ready for her close up

Finishing up our tripartite look at Georges Jeanty's wonderful closeups of Joss's leading ladies, here I have the (albeit few) close up images of Willow - clearly this is a sign that we are lacking in the Willow department...

"Ms Willow Rosenberg is ready for her close-up Mr Jeanty"

Although I shouldn't complain. Joss and Dark Horse seem to be in this for the long haul. We can only hope that throughout Season 8's run we get more Willow, and (if my prayers are to be answered by some CG Angel) an Anya/Andrew standalone issue (I'm thinking a 'Storyteller' type episode where Andrew needs to update Anya - who has been resucitated by an unsuspecting Xander, on what's been going on while all the while inserting much welcome pop-cultural references that our dear Ms Jenkins will not get. Hilarity will, of course, ensue.)
[Seriously - why is Jane Espenson not writing this? It could even include a flashback that includes Jonathan, seeing as how that Danny Strong character was a favourite of Ms Espenson.]
But alas, as per custom this idea of mine will be relegated to the wonderful world that is my mind (and no - I will not succumb to that fanboy desire to write (gasp!) fanfic... Here at A Blog Next Door we draw the line at that. And cosplay of course. )

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