Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pretty McDreamy, or How I'm Seeing Double

If I remember correctly Amy Adams (currently seen in Enchanted, Oscar nominated for Junebug and coming soon to a theater near you in Charlie Wilson's War - which if nothing else will showcase three of my favourite working actresses right now (Julia and Emily Blunt complete the trio)) has been touted as the 'new' Julia Roberts. Now, clearly many red-heads (and non-red-heads) have been labeled the new Julia Roberts for years now... none of them come to mind, but maybe that's a good thing.
But now, the star of that medical dramedy that has single-handledly destroyed my faith in American audiences' taste (reality tv might also factor in, but Whine's Anatomy ranks much higher just cause it's scripted...) - and former costar of Ms Adams is out to get the title of the "new" Julia Roberts. Or so it seems, I mean, why else would he star in the male version of one of Julia's best movies (and an all time favourite here at A Blog Next Door).

Patrick Dempsey stars in the upcoming romantic comedy Made of Honor, which ABND's host will not be lining up for come May 08.
From imdb: "A guy in love with an engaged woman [his long-time best friend] tries to win her over after she asks him to be her maid of honor."

Kind of sounds like My Best Friend's Wedding no?
Isn't it the same set up?: Boy and girl are best friends. One decides to marry and gets the other to be the maid of honor. The latter realises he (or she) loves the other one and will try and ruin the wedding to get the other (back).

But then, it seems the entire Whine's Anatomy cast is out to fill in Ms Roberts' shoes (and coincidentally by mining the 'bridesmaid' storyline): check out Ms Heigl's upcoming movie with ABND's regular James Marsden here.


Vance said...

Julia Roberts was always the woman I wanted to marry. I think I cried (though maybe for various other reasons too) when she married Lyle Lovett).

Love that Emily Blunt and Michael Buble are going out. So cute!

GASP. you hate Whine Anatomy? Say it ain't so!

Manuel B said...

I've never been able to stand an entire episode: why would I submit myself to an hour full of skinny white women (I'm looking at you skeletal Pompeo and Katherine 'I didn't like Knocked Up' Heigl!) whining about how they need/want/can't think of life without men in their lives while all the while being put through ridiculous medical emergencies which ER at least had the decency to introduce once they lost Clooney - oh and don't get me (or someone else I know, at least) started on the "self-aware" soundtrack that insists on telling me how to feel (Snow Patrol=Sad - follow accordingly gentle Viewer at home)... I could go on. But that sounded harsher than I intended.

PS. I'm also not a fan of McSteamy and positively can't stand TR Knight (gay or otherwise) and think McSteamy did his best work in Charmed, cause the WB knew how to exploit hot men.

Vance said...

Man, I'd hate to be on your bad side! Ha!

Yeah, not a fan of McSteamy. He's tolerable but whatever. Pompeo, eh. Same thing. I saw her at Whole Foods at Columbus Circle earlier this year and I barely saw her. She was TINY. Of course, all she bought was a coffee.

I LUF Heigl though since Roswell days and LUF Knight (um, I don't know why I'm writing LUF except my ex and possible future again coworker has been writing emails with that word in it for the past few days so I apoligize that I've taken to it)

I did start watching Grey's because of Sandra Oh. Canadian Asian. I had to support!