Monday, December 3, 2007

The Annies, or How Nominations are out!

No, they don't celebrate singing and dancing red-headed girls (Amy Adams would be the 2007 victor if these awards indeed were fashioned after an adult-friendly singing whiz-kid from y'know... that movie).
They do celebrate ANIMATION, which as you may or may not have noticed, A Blog Next Door loves. Check out the full list of nominees here

Nomination(s) which made me savour a certain French dish: all the Ratatouille noms (including Best Animated Feature)

Nomination which gave me as much joy as owning a Spiderpig: The Simpsons Movie for Best Animated Feature (as well as the writing nod for that 24 spoof episode)

Nomination (or lack thereof) that left a bittersweet taste in my mouth: No Peter O'Toole for Voice Acting in a Feature Film (!)

Nomination which reminded me the Whedonverse owns the world: Seth Green for Directing in an Animated Television Production

Award that made me realise I know way too much about animation: Glen Keane getting the career contributions to the art of animation Winsor McCay award. If you don't know who Keane is, he's the guy who brought Ariel, Beast, Tarzan and Aladdin to life (and oh yeah... that Pocahontas chick)

Category that reminded me I'm getting old: Best Animated Television Production for Children (I only know of El Tigre and I've yet to watch an entire episode of that latin-flavoured family superhero series)

Nominations (or lack thereof) that made me as happy as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with Pizza: Beowulf and Shrek The Third getting lone nominations each.

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