Thursday, December 13, 2007

Golden Globes, or How Nominations are out!

Okay, okay, a bit late but I was stuck traveling all day (when will I ever be able to fly without having to have flights delayed, problems in immigration and/or horrible people sitting beside me?!)

Check the full list of noms here.

Nomination that shocked me the most: Californication for Best Comedy Series?!

Nomination(s) or lack thereof that kept me thinking there must have been a mistake: Desperate Housewives nowhere to be found?

Nominations that make me giddy: 30 Rock and Pushing Daisies getting 3 nods in Best Comedy, and Best Lead Actor and Actress.

Snubs that I am still mourning: Once (in ANY category!) and Jen Garner for Best Supporting Actress

Nominations that prove Oprah owns the world: The Great Debaters

Category that could just as easily been 'hottest men on TV': Lead Actor in a Drama Series (TV)

Nomination that represents us Latinos: Shakira for Best Original Song.

And seriously - can the HFPA not narrow down their choices? What was up with 6/7 nominated actors/movies in one category? Crazy.

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Vance said...

Where'd you fly to?