Friday, November 30, 2007

30 Rock, or How I'm Gay for Jamie as well

Can I just say I loved last night's cougars storyline? Seeing Liz dating the 20 year old coffee boy was just deliciously funny. [I refrain from commenting on the less than stellar Jack/ Kenneth/ Tracy storyline which read like it came out of a Rick Moranis 1990s movie...]

If 30 Rock does something right is portraying Liz as an insecure woman who seems to go against everything Sex and the City taught us women in NYC should/would be. Her cluelessness when it came to dating younger men, going out later than 10pm and keeping up with current pop culture (including references to the Zeffron and Gnals Barkley's website) were highlights of the show.
But the main reason I loved the episode was Jamie - isn't he beautiful and perfect as the ever-so-adorable 20 year old New Yorker to be preyed upon by Liz? Just like Frank I am Gay for Jamie... anyday!
Also hilarious was Jenna's attempt to one-up Liz and dating a 'sophomore from NYU' who looked right out of Superbad.

Favourite Jenna line:
"These things happen Liz. I had my no sex with Asians rule but then one day you walk into Sharper Image and there's Quan"


Anonymous said...

what is the actor's name who played Jamie? I can't find it anywhere.

Manuel B said...

I have no idea. Which is why I didn't post it ... as soon as I find it, make no mistake the post will be updated :)

Vance said...

Val Emmich but I give you this with the intention that we must SHARE... (you can take that with whatever innuendo you want, hehe).