Wednesday, November 28, 2007

FYC, or How Hairspray is Big, Blonde and Beautiful!

For Your Consideration (A Blog Next Door Style) - Hairspray
It's my blog and I'll FYC if I want to, FYC if I want to...

Hairspray (2007) was one of my favourite movies of the summer - it was light, fun, vibrant and had Michelle Pfeiffer playing a bitch. What more does a summer movie need? (a high-octane chase? an action sequence involving helicopters? I don't think so...)
Based on the Broadway musical by the same name, which is in turn based on the 1988 John Waters's Hairspray, this updated version tells the tale of Tracy Turnblad as she becomes part of the Corny Collins Show, fights racism, falls in love with Link Larkin (the beautiful Zac Effron) all the while maintaining ridiculously big hair and keeping the beat going. Smoother around the edges, less sexual and much less queer than the original John Waters film, this 2007 version of the Tracy story works because it so readily embraces its own saccharine, colourful, big-haired style. Adam Shankman (of choreographing Once More with Feeling fame) manages to keep the movie going full-throttle showcasing newcomer Nikki Blonsky, drag-ed up John Travolta, snowqueen Ms Pfeiffer, teen hearthrob Zeffron, dreamy James Marsden and company. But what's the best part is that the entire movie is packaged in bright colours, vibrant sets and wrapped in a beautiful palette. There is really nothing to hate in a movie that so warmly welcomes you to love it. When all is said and done - you really can't stop the beat!

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