Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Spirit Awards, or How Nominations are out!

The Spirit Awards Nominations came out earlier today. I don't have much to say about them except that I am amazed that Lars and the Real Girl and Away From Her are nowhere to be found (are there some eligibility issues I am not aware of?)
I was also sad to see Keri Russel miss out on a Female Lead nomination (while Ms Sienna-I'm-a-ubiquitous-talentless-actress-Miller got one - wtf?), and Ms Laura Linney be overlooked - I have yet to see The Savages but isn't everyone raving about her performance?
Interesting how warmly the Spirit Awards took to both Lust, Caution (3 noms - They do love Ang don't they? I wouldn't have been surprised if they'd nominate him) and I'm Not There (4 noms) - pics who have been receiving mixed reviews (which obviously won't stop me from seeking them out later this month). Also glad to see Once in the mix as well as Persepolis in the Foreign Language Category.
I'm sure more keen oscarwatchers will be making alot of the nominations - does this cement the chances of Ms Blanchett? strengthen Diablo Cody's nomination/win chances for Juno? create momentum for The Diving Bell and the Butterfly? Only time will tell, right.
Next: Golden Globe Noms Dec 13th

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POP COLONY said...

I'm pretty sure that IFC just hates Canadians. Sorry Ryan & Sarah!