Monday, November 12, 2007

Slap Bet Countdown, or How I Met Your Mother is...wait for it: AWESOME!

The day is coming: the third slap in the Barney/Marshall Slap Bet is coming our way next week, and adding to the official slap bet countdown website, I thought we here at A Blog Next Door needed a countdown of our own:

Those unfamiliar with what I'm talking about should refer to episode 9 of HIMYM's season 2 where, after a "slap bet" (where the winner of the bet slaps the loser) regarding Robin's mysterious aversion to malls left Marshall with the power to slap Barney 5 times whenever he sees fit.
So far Marshall has slapped Barney twice as wikipedia reminds us:
- One, at the end of this episode a few minutes after losing the bet.
- Two, at the end of "Stuff," while Barney was performing his (painful) one-man show.
The season began with a teaser at the end of episode 1: Marshall called Barney and directed him to - SB-Day (as I will herafter call it) is next monday: can't wait!

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