Friday, November 30, 2007

Golden Satellite Awards, or How Nominations are out!

Tis the season... nominations from that very obscure awards group (I mean when you were formerly part of the Golden Globes and don't even air your awards show you know you're kind of in the dark) are out.
Regardless: short comments on the nominations (which like the Globes cover both TV and Hollywood and do that annoying thing where all the supporting players are lumped together in the same category)

As per usual I find myself enjoying more the Comedy/Musical categories since I watch more of the eligible shows on this side of the categories - [Random rant: When oh when will the Drama categories stop gushing over Whine's Anatomy?]
Love the fact that they showed some love for Pushing Daisies (nominated for Best Comedy Series, Best Lead Actor and Actress), for Ugly Betty (nommed for Best Comedy Series, Best Lead and Supporting Actress) and for both 30 Rock leads (the Emmy-winning show managed to miss a nom for Best Comedy Series how exactly?).
More noms I was happy to see: Felicity Huffman (one of only two noms for D-Hos) and Michael C. Hall for Dexter.

Pretty much all over the place - I mean when you have Ben Kingsley and Seth Rogen (or 300 and Ratatouille) in the same category you know you're in for a motley crew of nominations. Don't know why Sweeney Todd didn't show up at all and why Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood) missed out on a nomination. That said, I was happy to see 3:10 to Yuma represented (though only Ben managed a thesp nomination). The Comedy/Musical category seems lacking (Once anyone? How did Shoot 'em up get there anyways?)
More noms I was happy about: Hairspray, and Lars and the Real Girl for Best Comedy, Amy Adams for Enchanted and the Atonement thesp noms (though no Best Drama?)

So to sum up: Random and probably irrelevant. Check them out here.


Vance said...

I have a soft spot for Shoot'Em Up (and if you love my blog, so should you in a weird roundabout way I'm sure I'll explain later on) but a nomination!?? That's hilarious! how the hell did that happen? So uh, what are these awards anyways? I've never heard of them before.

Manuel B said...

If my still growing knowledge of awards circuits serves me right the International Press Academy (the group that gives out the Golden Satellites) is made of former members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (who give out the Golden Globes) and a decade or so ago broke with them (god knows why... I'm sure there were egos clashing somewhere in that story) and now they have their own awards to give. Not that they really 'mean' anything. They just sort of get added to the list of 'Awards' given out at the end of the year.