Monday, January 7, 2008

Lilo & Stitch, or How Everything I Learnt I Learnt from Animation

I'm fond of series - not just tv ones but also blogging ones. I find it helps me maintain a sort of thread through a collection of posts (as much as I also enjoy random posts which come up on the spot). So I thought, what better way to kick off the new year than with a new blog series?
I give you:

Lilo and Stitch Edition

It's true. I grew up with animation - but then, who didn't, right? Which is why I think we should mine animation for what parents have deluded themselves into thinking it is for: pedagogy.

9 Things I learnt from Lilo & Stitch:
- Ohana means family - it means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.
- Only reason black people wear black suits is because they work for a secret government organization (see MIB the animated series)
- Hawaiian girls kick more ass than your average Disney princess.
- You can still have a career after Reli
c Hunter (see Tia Carrere's imdb page)
- 2D Animation can be successful even without an 'I want' song or a love-interest at its center.
- Aliens can be cuddly.
- Every family has one.
- There is such a thing as a character voice-actor (See Chris Sanders: Stitch and Mulan's Little Brother): but then, he's also the creator and producer of that 626 Experiment...
- Elvis is a good role-model worthy of imitating. (He died how...? Huh. The movie never mentioned that part)

Check out regularly to see how else my childhood and teenage years were marked by important 'life lessons' hidden in animated productions.

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Vance said...

I need to revisit this movie. I remember quite liking it when I saw it in theatres.

And yes, I still quote things from Ducktales.