Saturday, April 25, 2009

30 Rock, or How "Elisa! Elisa! La Viuda Negra!!"

Liz can't read the Spanish-language websites on Elisa, but I CAN:

"The Black Widow is Elisa Pedreira and she is known for having killed her husband. She is a woman very jealous. No cross her. No make her anger. No look other woman. No talk close to other woman. When in presence of Black Widow is better to pretend no other woman in exist Earth. The Black Widow is very pretty and that is what makes it so dangerous. When is about the Black Widow is better smile the smile, but not too much or too little. No touch unless she gives you permission. No take nothing from her without permission. No forget of your love with all your heart for all the time and more"

I tried to mimic the syntax and bad grammar as best as possible. But here's to the hit song 'La Viuda Negra':

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Jose said...

I LOVED Elisa's BSG tee!