Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ms Pfeiffer, or How remind me to NEVER get on her bad side

So no later than a day after my last Pfeiffer post I find myself posting a new picture, but I recently watched White Oleander for the first time and it solidified what I've always thought:

Never get on Ms Pfeiffer's bad side! 

Cause behind that icy smile, there's a gargantuanc condescendingly aggressive personality waiting to come out and cut you ("What are you gonna learn from her... how to pine artistically?" - well, Renee is quite good at that, actually)


Anonymous said...

I like the movie. I didn't love it, but Michelle was excellent in the movie.

Karen said...

She was wicked evil in that movie. Scarily so! But it was a great role and movie in general.

mB said...

Michelle is actually amazing in this (where the hell was the Oscar nom!?)