Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EMMY Hopes, or How will the Noms please me on Thursday?

Emmy nominations come out this Thursday with a ballooned 6 nominees per category in the top comedy and drama series categories as well as in the lead and supporting thesp categories for each, leaving more room for me to be hopeful that some of my faves will make it in, but most likely making room for more of the same (I swear, if Boston Legal gets more Emmy love, I don't know what I'll do with myself...).

But, wanting to be hopeful and stay optimistic I have ransacked my brain, and tried to focus on the season that just passed to come up with several happy scenarios that will make the usual Emmy blunders (their love for Entourage, for Charlie Sheen and his CBS comedy, for example still boggle my mind!) a bit easier to swallow.

And so:

10 Things That Would/Will Make Me Smile Should/If They Happen:

[In order from most likely to least likely]

10. Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore nominated for Lead Actress in a TV Movie/Miniseries for their wonderful work in Grey Gardens.
The Oscar Winner and the child-star wow in this HBO TV movie, perfectly capturing the quirky personality of the two reclusive Beales (Drew's "cutting her hair" scene and Jessica's "tea for two" scenes are both Emmy-worthy and I do think it's their Emmy to lose.

9. Returning champs Mad Men & 30 Rock leading the pack of nominations.
Arguably the best Drama and best Comedy on TV respectively should return stronger this year. Mad Men should garner some great tech love for their lavish and beautiful production while 30 Rock will probably dominate the Guest Star categories yet again (I mean you try choosing between Oprah, Jen Aniston, Emmy Winner Elaine Stritch, Alan Alda, Will Arnett, Roger Bart, etc. etc...)

8. NPH reaping yet another nomination for his hysterical Barney Stinson (and hopefully riding the wave of good-will from hosting the show all the way to a win!)
Here's hoping the industry hasn't forgotten about Mr Jeremy 'Sushi' Piven's stunt and give NPH the cherry on top of what has been an amazing year (what with the TV Land Awards, the Tonys and the great ratings-boost HIMYM garnered this season)

7. United States of Tara getting some love (in the Comedy lineup and/or in the acting races)
I've already stated my love for Diablo Cody's suburban comedy, and while Ms Collette is the most deserving, the supporting work from Brie Larson, Keir Gilchrist and Rosemarie DeWitt is also worthy of recognition.

6. Amy Poehler joining her friend Tina Fey in the Lead Comedy Actress category.
Sure, Parks and Recreation is no 30 Rock (or The Office for that matter) but Ms Poehler shined in every episode, showing us what we already know: that she can carry a comedy all by herself.

5. The women of Mad Men (Ms Jones, Ms Moss and/or Ms Hendricks) managing to crack the Lead/Supporting Actress Drama lineups.
From Betty's struggle to keep her dignity in light of Don's indiscretions to Peggy's newfound independence to Ms Holloway's heartbreaking rape, Season Two of Mad Men was all about the women and to see them called out on Thursday would be divine.

4. Pushing Daisies garnering some nostalgic noms despite being cancelled.
Last year, despite missing out on the Comedy Series nom, ABC's "forensic fairytale" garnered 11 nominations (the most out of any ABC show that year) and won 3! - it clearly struck a note with voters so here's hoping the technical wizardry and witty writing of this show (not to mention the wonderful acting) gets the recognition it deserves.

3. Jane Krakowski cracking the Supporting Actress Comedy category finally!
Okay so we all know and love Tina and Alec, and clearly the guest-stars have a 100% chance of getting nominated (unless your name is Jerry Seinfeld) but where is the love for the supporting cast of 30 Rock?

2. Jeanne Tripplehorn (and/or Chloé Sevigny & Ginnifer Goodwin) representing some love for Big Love.
Even in what I consider an uneven show, the three women at the center of it all bristle with dramatic stamina and carry the emotional anchor of a show that could easily drown under the weight of its many competing storylines.

1. Critical darling Battlestar Galactica reaping more than mere tech nods (maybe some love for Mary McDonnell?)
Once you win a Peabody Award and gain a spot in the SciFi cultural unconscious, you really shouldn't be worried about gathering Emmy hardware, but I still find it hard to believe that one of the greatest SciFi shows ever to grace the small screen has yet to crack any of the top categories: will the goodwill for its last season help its cause?


Jose said...

I hear you on almost all those things, but as usual I remain skeptical.
I'm guessing that six just leaves them more options to nominate crap they love.

mB said...


I know... But one needs to remain hopeful no? :P