Thursday, July 2, 2009

She-Wolf, or How is Shakira digging for blood?

Okay, so Shakira's new single has 'leaked' ("Loba" in Spanish... "She-Wolf" in English) and let's just say I need to let it sink in for a bit, but for now I'll just say it's a bit different (read, funkier and loungier?) than what I'm used to (I'm a personal fan of her rock-roots). Maybe it'll grow on me.

Here's the official artwork for the single. More Madonna circa 'Hung Up' than Shakira circa anything, but I'm intrigued:

And then here's artwork from her myspace which I like more:


Jason said...

Nice Balmain sandals, Shakira. Bitch.

mB said...

Well, at least she can pull 'em off. I am terribly excited about the video and the artwork for the cover of the full album. Theme seems to be "I'm fucking hot" and I'm okay with that as long as she keeps cranking out good music.