Saturday, July 25, 2009

"The Red Queen" or How I love me some big-headed Helena

Say what you will about the trailer for the upcoming Burton-helmed Alice in Wonderland (too much Depp/Mad Hatter! obvious 3D gimmicks!) but it looks amazing. The little pieces of Wonderland we see are colourful, mad-cap and just Burton enough to titillate me, but in particular I was blown away by the character design for The Red Queen, played by Burton's signature muse Helena Bonham Carter: I love the gigantic head, the heart-shaped lips, the receding hairline, the little scepter... pretty much I'm in love with how she looks and she'll undoubtedly be one of my favorite parts of the film which (here's hoping!) doesn't end up being another Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (a self-indulgent, wondrous looking children's tale with an edge and with a white-faced Johnny).

Will she want off with our heads? We may just have to RSVP to this "important date" and find out...


Al In The County said...

Oh. My. God. I must see this.

I'm actually not much of a Tim Burton fan, but if there's one story that lends itself to his genius, this is it.

Robyn said...

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