Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sofia Vergara, or How Pepsi gave her the break she needed

I guess it's COLOMBIA Week on the blog (first Shakira and now this)

And no, I didn't plan it that way but watching Modern Family (and LOVING it) made me appreciate Sofia Vergara more than ever before. To me she's always been a bimbo supermodel who wanted to break out as a star... thankfully with the ABC comedy she has put her voluptuous body and boastful comedic timing to great use as Ed O'Neill's (much younger) Colombian wife who needs help knowing "how you say the tac-ac-tac-tac-tac-ac?" (hint: rhymes with melicopter) and whose home town is known for the "what's the word?" ... the "murders, yes."

But, want to see how she was "discovered"? Below you'll find the first commercial she ever booked (rumour has it she was at the right place at the right time when the casting director found her):

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