Monday, October 12, 2009

Toy Story 3 or How I can't wait!


Pixar sure knows how to work the marketing machine. And they seem to be having a blast with the Toy Story toys to advertise the third installment in the series (both movies which are just as good - if not better, when experienced in 3D as I did last weekend). The trailer (below) makes me giddy about revisiting these characters that I love. And the fact that Kristen Schaal (from Flight of the Conchords) joined the cast is just icing on the frosted cake batter-brownie cupcake-flavored cake that is anything Pixar :D

Toy Story 3 Trailer in HD

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Michael Parsons said...

Neither can I, although with this and Monsters inc 2 and cars 2, I just want another original Pixar.

seanisbored said...

Any other studio and I'd be livid that they're revisiting this but I trust Pixar.

That trailer is f*ing amazing, so sad, so sentimental and really funny. really psyched for this, Pixar look like they're going to knock another out of the park.

(I kinda agree with Michael though, too many sequels...)

mB said...

Well, it seems they're aiming for more original features as well (newt, Bear & the Bow are coming up in 2011). Though I really wish they'd left Cars alone... blegh, definitely my least fave Pixar film (but all those tie-ins pay well, I guess.)

seanisbored said...

Totally agree with you about Cars, wasn't that movie critically panned, insomuch as a Pixar movie can be? - it has 75% at Rotten Tomatoes compared with Finding Nemo's 98% and WALL-E's 96%.

Do they need that extra money? *grumble grumble* terrible movie *grumble*.