Thursday, October 29, 2009

Modern Family, or How I (heart) this show

Are you watching Modern Family? Cause you should be.

Here are a couple of reasons why:

Jay: What are you wearing?
Manny: A poncho.
Jay: It looks like an old christmas tree skirt!

"She is not Donna Summer. Clearly, she is Dianna Ross from the RCA years. Why can't daddy see that?"

(And here's Lily as Olivia Newton-John,
Madonna - "the early years,"
and Stevie Wonder)

Claire: Phil, put some pants on!
Phil: This covers up more than my bathing suit.
Claire: Don't remind me.

Did I mention those come only from the first 5 minutes of last night's episode?

And my favorite line from the entire episode:

"Batman doesn't get picked on and he wears a cape.
A poncho is just a cape that goes all the way around."


StinkyLulu said...

I'm from Denver.


This show makes me laugh like no other since 30Rock and Arrested Development.

and to think i almost didn't watch it because i thought the poster looked stupid!

Anonymous said...

Modern Family is awesome. They truly are a Modern Family!

Mitchell and Cameron have so much chemistry; they are really funny. Not to say the rest of them aren't incredibly funny as well.