Sunday, November 1, 2009

Penelope and Pedro, or How they're a great pair aren't they?

While their latest collaboration (Broken Embraces) doesn't soar as high as their last outing (the beautifully and buoyantly effervescent Volver), there's no denying Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz make for a great cinematic pairing.

Their joint interview over at the New York Times is a joy to read. My favorite passage (mainly because it solidifies my idea of Penelope as coy and cunning, keenly aware of her disarming charm, but not without a sharp edge [in my head Penelope is part Maria Elena and part Raimunda]):

The chemistry Mr. Almodóvar, 60, and Ms. Cruz, 35, share would almost seem romantic if he were not one of the world’s best-known openly gay directors and she were not linked in the tabloids to the actor Javier Bardem. (Asked if a wedding is in the works, she said, with a pleasant smile and eyes of cold steel: “You are a writer for The New York Times, yes? I think maybe you are not supposed to ask that kind of question.”)


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