Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Nick Hoult, or How can I please watch A Single Man now?

With talk of Colin Firth snagging an Oscar nomination for his role in Tom Ford's adaptation of Chirstopher Isherwood's A Single Man (following a win in Venice and an upcoming 'Performance of the Year Award' at Santa Barbara fest), it's great to see his co-stars getting some press.

In particular, Nicholas Hoult (that adorable kid from About A Boy, and that conniving teen from BBC's Skins) is having quite a week: he was spotlit by the New York Times as one of four 'Breakout Performances' and was featured in Variety as one of '10 Actors to Watch.' Which is all an excuse for me to keep amping the anticipation for this film and to post a pretty picture of Mr Hoult:

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Ryan T. said...

That IS a pretty picture. Very nice. He impressed me in About A Boy and Skins as well. Can't wait to see this movie!