Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Banner, or How let's welcome the actressexual banner!

Say goodbye Meg!
I didn't intend the new banner to turn out like it did (an Actress sandwich on a PIXAR bun), but as I kept thinking of what I wanted to showcase, I just kept coming back to actresses.

On either side, PIXAR's Ratatouillean Remy and Nemoan Dory & Marlin are horrified by what a world without actresses would look like while in the middle we have (from left to right) an enchanting Amy, an Almodovarian Penelope, a conniving Ms Roberts, an adorable Boo, a Baby-bringing Kate, a damaged/ing Rose, a gleeful Jane and a mad January. I love them all and they'll be keeping me company for the rest of the year.

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