Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Happening, or How to Create an M. Night Shyamalan Trailer in 5 simple Steps

Create your very own M. Night Shyamalan Trailer!
Just follow these 5 Simple Steps:

1. Use Eerie Music.
And no, if your music composer is not named James Newton Howard, it ain't eerie enough!
2. Cut to black, constantly.
Don't be thrifty - (Ab)Use them cuts!
3. Make it cryptic
This you can do in one of two ways (yes these are the ONLY ways!): Either through ominous voiceover (Samuel L is good at this one) or random flashing credits (an M. Night Shyamalan credit ain't good enough if it ain't being distorted by some random force).
4. Start with Normal ...
You can pretty much pick anything from NYC on a beautiful morning, a nice meal in a remote country village, a doctor's consult, a traffic jam, a lovely pool on a summer's day. Anything, really.
5. ... and then make it Creepy.
Follow it with a quick turn of events (people kill themselves whaaa? kid sees dead people huh? lady came from where the eff? mischa barton pre-OC: no way! abigail breslin pre-yellow bus: get out! bryce dallas howard in a movie: say it ain't so!)

Oh and yeah, end with the design title of the movie on which you need to have spent more time thinking about how to make it cool (maybe add something like 'A Bedtime Story Told By...' or have one of the letters in it mirror, I don't know... whatever your movie is about) than in fleshing out the painfully contrived plot you want to hint at but don't want to give away in your intentionally misleading trailer. Can't forget that.

I can't bring myself to embed Shyamalan's new trailer, but if you want to see these 5 steps in action, it's over here.


Anonymous said...

It's true almost every horror movie trailer is like that,and now I know the formula for it!

Anonymous said...


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