Monday, February 25, 2008

NCFOM wins Oscar, or How I quote DeLillo

Today's one of those days were work (read: reading) and pleasure (read: watching) oddly collide (or coalesce? collude? come together in a plurarlity of co_ verbs?)

"The desert fits the screen. It is the screen. Low horizontal, high verticals. People talk about classic westerns. The classic thing has always been the space, the emptiness. The lines are drawn for us. All we have to do is intsert the figures, men in dusty boots, certain faces. Figures in open spaces have always been what film is all about. American film. This is the situation. People in a wilderness, a wild and barren space. The space is the desert, the movie screen, the strip of film, however you see it. What are people doing here? This is their existence. they're here to work out their existence. This space, this emptiness is what they have to confront. I've always loved American spaces. People at the end of a long lens. Swimming in space." (198)

Don DeLillo's The Names

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