Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hard Candy & E=MC2, or How they're all cover girls now...

Okay, so I know that if you're an established diva you can pretty much just write your name on a napkin and pass it off as an album cover, but is there a reason why Mimi and Madge have such underwhelming cover art for their upcoming albums?

Mariah's looks like she is wearing the skin of some poor drag queen and is just standing there behind her generic MARIAH font to 'sexually' tease us... but I'm only left wondering: who taught Mariah about Einstein?Madge's on the other hand: Willy Wonka the Wrestling Champion? I kinda like her look but hate the font (Is this one of those 'Confessions was 70s' so 'Hard Candy will be 80s' type deal?) and hate the contrast of her outfit with the pink lollipop.

To compare, some recent bombshell covers: love the simplicity of Ms Keys, I'm ambivalent about play-doh Janet, /hate/ Brit's and really love Kylie's sophisticated and sexy look.

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Kholi said...

i love love love "who taught janet about einstein?"

I soooo wondered that myself.