Tuesday, March 25, 2008

HIMYM, or How DID we meet the Mother?!

How I Met Your Mother for Beginners (ie. for all those who tuned in for Brit-Brit and not for Ted)

Did you catch How I Met Your Mother last night?
Of course you did - if only to catch that paparazzi-magnet pop star, but even if you watched it for the schadenfreude (and it's okay if you only know that word from the Avenue Q soundtrack), wasn't it awesome?
Did you fall in love with Neil Patrick Harris and his magic?
Did you have to stare for a while and go "Is that that girl from the American Pie movies/Buffy only hotter and with better designer clothes?" and/or "Hey, it's the guy from that Sarah Marshall movie that's being advertised everywhere... including in every second commercial right now!"?

Blonde and Blonder

Sure everyone will be buzzing about that blonde guest-starring on How I Met You Mother [you gotta admit she did a good job, mostly because she got given great dialogue: "You look like a young Tom Selleck only a thousand times handsomer. Doctor, Magnum's here to see you. Pause. Sorry that was stupid..."], but I want to take the time to talk about that other blonde who made a (very welcome!) appearance on last night's episode. Where was the media frenzy over Elliot joining Ted and the gang?

The Mother?

I mean, is it me or is Sarah Chalke being set up as The Mother? The One we've been dying to meet? She did say the only party she had gone to in the past year was... (yes!) St Patrick's day! Do I think she's missing a yellow umbrella? I do. And if this is indeed true, casting couldn't be better - with Scrubs wrapping up, Chalke's addition to the HIMYM cast would be stroke of brilliance and would prove that the show's producers know exactly where they're going and who/how they need to keep the story going strong. True, I would have loved to see Elliot outside of her white coat, but hey, if the shoe fits, buy in it every colour, right?


Vance said...

Seriously, I think Alicia Silverstone would have been totally wrong for the role. Sarah was AMAZING last night. I've fallen for her all over again!

J.D. said...

If Sarah joined the cast, I think I would explode in pure eternal awesomeness.

And Britney wasn't bad. Like, at all. Weiiiird...

j said...

YES!! Jesse and I came to the same conclusion about the St. Patty's Day Partay! Plus the 2min date was the cutest thing!

Jason said...

I don't know if I'm sold on Sarah yet. I love Alicia and she needs the work. Those Clueless residuals can't be that good.

I also loved Brit's joke about Magnum, but it's Tom Selleck, not Peter. You're slippin' Manuel. Even if you don't know him from the Murder, She Wrote and Magnum crossover episode, you should know him from his (miscast) guest turn on Friends!

Manuel B said...

Jason: See? This is what NJ + Grad School are doing to me! All edited now to include Tom 'Richard' Selleck as opposed to whoever I was mistaking him for when typing Peter (?!)