Monday, March 24, 2008

Paris' BFF WTF? or How I lose more faith in humanity the more I browse those profiles...

Where in the world have I been hiding that I didn't know about this horrid MTV Reality TV show I Wanna Be Paris' New Best Friend! ?

Now, I am as tolerant as the next person when it comes to airhead, blonde, rich, useless, famous for no reason other than uninspired taglines ("That's hot"? Not) and exploitational reality TV shows (The Simple Life 1, 2, 3...) heiresses who cater to the $tar-$truck overwhelming majority of American viewers who apparently not only dream of becoming a performing artist, a world-class dancer, smarter than a 5th grader, a neglige-wearing overpaid and overpampered cabaret dancer but also the "BFF" of Paris fucking Hilton... but seriously? Seriously?
I know I can't expect everyone to have my same tastes and instead be looking forward to the return of one of TV's best scripted shows, or y'know, following the US democratic race (possibly via Amy Poehler skits on SNL)... but I do feel the world as we know it is ending: one only needs to browse through the profiles of the bff-wannabes to see what the children of the Perez/Paris Hilton era look/sound and type like... and it's not pretty.
Some excerpts (with no links to the real profiles cause in my mind they are all interchangeable commodities, which is probably what they are to the producers of this show whose eyes are rolling into dollar signs as we speak, while their dignities have stopped deluding themselves into thinking they'd ever get a chance to enter back into their lives):
- "Poor People are Gross: one of the people running for president should do something about that - if they did they would have my vote"
- "I love hello kitty, designer things and tanning! Starbucks might as well be my middle name."
- "I drive a Light yellow convertible VW Bug! I often see yellow cars like that bright yellow and I think to myself “who would drive a yellow car”…then I look around me and I am like “ohhh wait I do…” "
- "I am one fierce bitch."/ "Im having a Biotch attack!"
- "I am Italian, so dressing to impress is in my blood!"
And now... having wasted enough time and neurons on that site, let us go back to reading Thomas Friedman...

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