Friday, March 21, 2008

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, or How Amy and Lee sparkle!

If you've been reading this blog at all you may or may not have noticed that Amy Adams is one of my fave "new" actresses after watching Enchanted (though Junebug and Buffy's Season 5 Epiode 'Family' might also have added to that obsession).
Also, you faithful (dozen of) readers might also have noticed that I fell head over heels with ABC's Pushing Daisies - my new fave show from the 2007-2008 fall season.
Needless to say, the thought of live-action princess Giselle and piemaker Ned in one film made me too giddy to function, and now too giddy to write a full-on review of the film that got 'em together. Instead, I thought I could offer a couple of moments that stood out for me in the film (Which, despite its fluffy nature, light script and all-too predictable plot, made me fall in love eve more in love with its two leads):

- Shirley Henderson as a bitch but showing emotion (oh how she nailed crying and being a scary bitch at the same time...)
- Michael O'Connor's dresses! (Okay, so it's not a "moment" but I can't help but notice good wardrobe when it happens to good people)
- Gratuitous male nudity (before hitting the half hour mark nonetheless!) Where has Tom Payne been hiding (read: Amy's sheets) and why hadn't Frances woken him up sooner?
- Amy as a ''bathing Venus de Milo" tableau: okay, so just like the rest of the film this is a wee bit too much light fare; but can't we just enjoy it when films wink at us?
- Lee and Amy singing If I Didn't Care: Amy's eyes are just (if not more) expressive as her voice, so it's no surprise she can nail a lovelorn ballad that underscores her broken heart. Add a spice of rugged-Lee, and I was left speechless. (And this is now on loop on my iPod)
Overall, the film is a bit uneven but just as in Amy's latest (this one, not that one) she's able to elevate the material and make one fall in love with Delysia - and what if the name's a pseudonym! she does seem to have picked the aptest name of them all! B+

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