Friday, May 9, 2008

The Last Five, or How I recap BSG's first S4 Five Episodes!

I feel so bad cause I haven't posted ANYTHING since the new season of BSG began, and so, to make up (and since I had so much fun doing that 4-word Hard Candy review last week) I thought I'd do a brief 5 5-word lines recap in honour of the first 5 episodes of Season 4 (and of course, of the last 5 cylons, 4 who live in secret... one who remains a secret...):

He that Believeth in Me
Baltar is Jesus? Heals kid.
Starbuck's back. WTF was she?
Earth! No one believes her.
The Final Four stay calm...
'Buck gets headaches for Earth.

Six of One
Roslin at gunpoint by S-buck!
Former shoots and misses, damn.
Cylon schism: Raiders are lobotomised.
Yet Sixes rebels! Die Cavil!
Tory/Baltar? Starbuck to Earth!

The Ties that Bind
Tyrol and pill-popping Cally: distant.
Lee gives Roslin hard time,
6s & 8s get ambushed!
Cally finds out about Tyrol.
And gets airlocked, Tory-style.

Escape Velocity
Religious intolerance towards Baltar's cult.
Tigh visits Caprica6, 'sees' Helen.
Takes a beating, and kiss.
Lee stands up for Baltar, kind'of.
Baltar turns martyr, takes beating.

The Road Less Traveled
Baltar plays prophet: One God!
Leoben finds Starbuck @ Demetrius:
A Cylon and Human Alliance?
Tyrol gets converted, hail Baltar.
Mutiny! And To be Continued...

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