Sunday, June 29, 2008

The 39 Steps, or How it's Hitch-c(h)ock-full of funny.

The 39 Steps

Arnie Burton, Charles Edwards, Jennifer Ferrin and Cliff Saunders.

Because it's a hilarious comedic re-working of Hitchcock's film using a minimal stage, wondrous use of props and a laugh-out-loud four-person cast.

- "But! It's a four person cast!" - when all four actors are on stage and yet a mysterious gun-toting hand appears to wreak havoc!
- Ferrin's turn as the mysterious woman at the theater (along with her mysterious death early on = priceless!)
- Charles Edwards facial expressions. Seriously, they are hysterical and pretty much elevate every single line he's given.
- Any scene in/on the train.
- The lighting and sound design are flawless, keeping it to a minimum and still managing to speak volumes. My favourite bit? The shadow chase which leads to a very familiar silhouette.

You'll elle oh elle your way through this show. Added bonus: if you're a Hitchcock fan you can play "Spot the visual/aural reference!" [if only you could make it into a drinking game!] A-

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