Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Presto! WALL*E, or How I can't wait!

As if I wasn't looking forward to WALL*E enough, I found some new stills over at Slashfilm and a still from the short that will premiere right before it ("Presto" directed by Doug Sweetland):

From the clips I got to see at NYComic Con the character joining WALL E here is pretty much hilarious: a neat freak who keeps cleaning and scrubbing after WALL E (that being his job: to de-contaminate whatever comes into the ship):

Aw, look at EVE and WALL E - in Tokyo. Or something...

And here's the still from Presto about a rabbit who gets tired of his magician boss and angles to get even. It looks so Pixar-ey I'm tres excited.
Wall E, Pixar

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Vance said...

I have no idea what Wall*E is about but does it matter? I was so excited to see the trailer in theatres last night at the cinemas! Can't wait! (but ARGH. I'll be away for those 2 weeks right when it comes out... ARGH)