Friday, June 27, 2008

Overheard at Midtown Comics, or How BKV was in NYC!

So Brian K. Vaughan (creator of Y: The Last Man, Ex-Machina, Runaways and Pride of Baghdad) was at Midtown Comics (Grand Central) yesterday so I went to get some stuff signed (in hindsight my choices weren't that inspired, only when I arrived did I realize I didn't have any Y's on me! But I did get my Pride of Baghdad signed and issues #1 and #2 of The Escapists (the latter which is also signed by cover artist James Jean).

But the most amazing part of the event was, of course, the lineup. And so I give you: Overheard @ Midtown Comics (or more like: along 45th while we waited to get in)

Random Guy #1 answering a question from an interviewer Re: 355 : Well, it's funny you should ask, cause we were discussing 355 online earlier today. 

Passerby #1: What's this for?
Random Girl #1: Brian K. Vaughan is doing a signing upstairs.
Passerby #1: What?
Random Girl #1: Brian K. Vaughan; he's a comic book writer.
Passerby #1: [disappointed look] Oh. [starts walking away]
Random Girl #1: He also writes for LOST.
Passerby #1: [smiles] Oh. THAT's cool! [walks away]
Random Girl #1 and me: [roll eyes]

Random Guy #1: So, what's your guys' theory on Agent 355's name?
Random Guy #2: Oh yeah. I hadn't even thought of that... cause Agent yeah, whispers her name to Yorick.
Random Girl #2: Do you know what her name is?
Random Girl #1: Well, there's this theory that her name is... Well, you know her last cover. What's she doing? She's doing this [gives the Peace sign]: which is funny cause it's BOTH a Y and Peace, and that would make it so cool cause even though that's her name, like, all she does is war, right?

Random Guy #3 on being asked to talk about Y's ending: Well, from a writing point of view it was pretty good. But as a reader - I just... I'm just gonna miss the characters so much!

Random Girl #3: Is that an Ampersand? [upon looking at RG#2's stuffed &-like monkey]

Random Girl #3: I haven't finished reading Y.

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