Friday, September 26, 2008

Hugh Jackman or Tina Fey as Oscar Hosts, or How doesn't it make total sense?

Over at the Gold Derby blog, Tom O'Neil is spotlighting the conversation everyone else is/should be having: Who should host Oscars 2009? 

Many names are floating around: repeats (Stewart, Martin), newbies (Colbert, Gervais) but one that really struck me was Anne Thompson's suggestion of having Hugh Jackman host the Oscars - and then of course I had to throw Ms Fey, cause well... she's awesome!

Sure, Stewart and Colbert might have the political edge (which granted might be a little bit passé come February); Martin - and an unmentioned Whoppi - might bring back the glory of the 'ol days when people actually watched the broadcast; Ellen - who I thought did an amazing job two years ago might have the feel-good ambience around her and Gervais might have the buzz (with a post-Emmy bump) but Jackman and Fey would bring a couple of things the broadcast needs:

Hugh Jackman
- Talent (not just comedic: please see Kate and Leopold; not just musical: please see The Boy from Oz and not just dramatic: please see The Fountain but also of hosting: please see The 59th Tony Awards and no, you're not allowed to think about Viva Laughlin...)
- Class: don't he look good in a tux?
- Drool-worthy Oscar moments: I mean, isn't he dreamy looking?
- Musical medleys! Think Billy Crystal only hotter!
- Industry good-will and good timing: Baz Luhrman's Australia will be coming out later this year, and it might make a big splash with AMPAS and X-Men: Origins will be coming out next year; it's perfect timing to get Jackman in the spotlight!
- International appeal: he is Australian for god's sake!
- Box-office clout. Two words: X-Men.

Tina Fey
- Talent. Two words: 30 Rock. Or wait just one: Emmy (times 3!)
- Experience doing/writing live TV. You don't get to be head writer at SNL for nothing y'know!
- Industry good-will and great timing. If 2007 wasn't the year of the Fey (Baby Mama + 30 Rock + Palin impression at SNL) I don't know what's wrong with the world.
- Comedy at last! That need not be political Stewart/Colbert style, but SNL (sans Michael Phelps) season premier style!
- Class: I mean didn't Alec say she was the Elaine May of her generation? And don't she look good in a crazy/classy entertainment garb-outfit?
- Drool-worthy Oscar moments: remember how the best part of Oscars for some of us are the Red Carpet dresses? Imagine that on stage what with Tina changing her outfit Heidi-Klum-at-the-Emmys style!

We'll see in the next couple of weeks who AMPAS picks as their host, but let's hope the broadcast is better than the last couple of awards shows we've seen (the godawful VMAs with Russel Brand who's wasted in such a cookie-cutter role; the Reality TV-infested Emmys and the last-minute Oscar telecast we saw in February due to the Writer's Strike)

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