Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Rebound, or How Justin Bartha needs more/better work!

So I was channel surfing the other day, and found myself catching the end of that Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle Failure to Launch (what's that? Her co-star? No... I don't think she was acting with someone. Oh those walking pectorals who think they're an actor? Yeah... don't know their name. What's that? Matthew? No, that doesn't sound right...) Anyways - trying to not look at SJP's very airbrushed face or those pectoral's attempt at acting, my eyes were glued to Justin 'Nic Cage's sidekick in National Treasure' Bartha!
Of course, wanting to see where else I could catch Mr Bartha, I found myself on his imdb page. To say that I was shocked to see him billed next to Catherine Zeta-Jones on an upcoming comedy is a bit of an understatement.
Catching the plot synopsis and the poster, left me wondering:
- what is Academy Award-winning Mrs Michael Douglas doing an MTV movie for?
- what is the "IT" the tagline claims she's got but he's "just getting"?
- what do I need to do to grab Mr Bartha's thigh?
- why is no one offering Zeta-Jones better roles?
and of course, if they're at a laundry room, and they want to capitalize on Mr Bartha's looks... why is he not shirtless?

I am very excited, I can't wait to watch this on a random Sunday afternoon on TBS!

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Dame James Henry said...

Poor CZJ! She was so spectacular in Chicago and then she hasn't done anything even close to that since. What's happening to this world?

And Justin Bartha is a total cutie. You're right-- why isn't his shirt off while doing the laundry?