Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Milk, or How the Trailer has arrived

I can't name you one Sean Penn movie I like... leafing through I'm left wondering if I've seen him in anything other than on that NBC sitcom white people (and me!) like playing Ursula/Phoebe's love interest. (Mystic River, I am Sam, The Interpreter, Dead Man Walking and All the King's Men are movies that I keep thinking I should watch but never get to...)

Also, other than Good Will Hunting, that vignette in Paris, Je t'aime and (ugh) Finding Forrester, I have not forayed much into Gus Van Sant's filmography.

That said, the supporting cast alone has got me excited for Milk:

- Emile Hirsch looking like a crazy cool 1970s gay
- James Franco looking like a hot 1970s gay flirt
- Lucas Grabeel looking like a campy crazy 1970s gay
- Diego Luna looking like a hot foreign 1970s gay... well, you get the picture.
(Also Mr Diane Lane - while not quite umping the gay quotient of the film, keeps me interested after American Gangster and No Country for Old Men)

Watch the trailer here:

If nothing else (and hopefully distracting me from Sean Penn - who, despite my little exposure, has always seemed like one of those people that take himself a wee bit too seriously as an actor) the Danny Elfman score has me intrigued and that - added to the Franco nudity, will get me to buy tickets opening weekend.


Dame James Henry said...

I'm not a huge Sean Penn fan myself, but I do love him in Dead Man Walking and 21 Grams and thought he was pretty good in Sweet and Lowdown. I have a lot of hope that Penn will be just as amazing here.

Vance said...

I think I've only seen Mystic River... hmm.. I guess I haven't really seen much of Penn either.

The trailer looks truly promising!

POP COLONY said...

Is it me or does Sean Penn's Gay-octave sound like he's channeling "I am Sam"? Oh and where is Dakota in all this?

BTW-You did not just "ughh" Finding Forrester!!!