Friday, January 16, 2009

30 Rock, or How "Puerto Rican doesn't sound right"

This show will never cease to amuse me.

Jack: It's not because you're a... I'm sorry. What... do you call... yourself ?
Elisa: A Puerto-Rican.
Jack: No, I know you can say that but what do I call you?
Elisa: Puerto-Rican.
Jack: Wow. That does not sound right.


Anonymous said...

I loved the zombie scenes in this episode. Too funny.

JFS said...

Karen said...

LOL. I need to catch up on 30 Rock, like super quick.

Anonymous said...

I just started watching the series, and again, how is it wrong to call them puerto rican? or maybe i just don't get the joke :\

Anonymous said...

Because it’s assumed to be pejorative in white society. Hysterical. And I realize this discussion is 6 years old.

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