Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Girl Cut In Two, or How wtf is with that ending?

Had I seen Claude Chabrol's La Fille Coupée en Deux before JD's Endings Blog-a-Thon I might have tried to muster some thoughts on this film's bizarre and altogether confounding ending.

Premise time: The beautiful Ludivine Sagnier (playing the naïve/not so naïve Weather girl Gabrielle) finds herself the object of two men's affections. One happens to be a pervy older gentleman who's a respected writer with a wife and specific sexual tastes. The other is a (clinically!) crazy playboy heir who's obsessed with Gabrielle. Yeah, rock, hard place, yada yada. 

Anyways, what the trailers promise is a thriller or at the very least a twisted Match Point meets Eyes Wide Shut ends up being a soap opera-ish film where sex, love and death collide in the figure of Gabrielle. And even though the payoff in the film is non-existent, Chabrol gives the audience an epilogue of sorts involving  a magic trick (wink wink can you guess where the title comes from? wink wink) which seems so scattershot, so didactic and poorly executed that instead of shedding light on a, as of yet undisclosed, metaphor for Gabrielle's conundrum it muddles the entire experience and leaves you wondering: wtf?!


POP COLONY said...

Wait a minute...are you trying to say that the movie had an intended plot other than "Look at Benoît Magimel being Hot"? Because Me & Juliette Binoche would disagree.

J.D. said...

It's also about "Look at Ludivine Sagnier being hot", I know that much!

Ugh, I wish this would come out on DVD... eventually. Ever. At all.