Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Emmys, or How I Love Television

My favorite Emmy moments:

Ray Romano (when he mentioned Frasier), Katherine Heigl (when her name was called) and Sally Field (when she began talking about "War!") being censored by cutting to a random shot of the ceiling.

Tina Fey and Julia Louis-Dreyfus making fun of each other that went something like "We were chosen to present this award because we have so much in common: we both started in SNL, we both have Emmys, and we both have children - who we love equally, and we will both act happy if the other one wins tonight"

Helen Mirren's speech. "I just love that dramatic music that cuts people off [a speech later] Where is the music?"

Kanye West v Rainn Wilson in an "impromptu" Don't Forget the Lyrics, Kanye West Edition.

Katherine Heigl's name being said wrong by "voice-over" chick. And Kat correcting her as she walked on stage.

The bloggers.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert discussing the Green Emmys: "After the show I will buy a carbon crate and some peruvian farmers will be able to saw off part of the Amazon"

The Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden P[however you spell her name] jokes.

30 Rock winning Best Comedy Series: "Why are you wearing a tux?" "It is after 6, what am I a farmer?"

Stanley Tucci and Elaine Stritch. "As the Bard said, Tis better to have Guested in a Comedy Series, than to have never guested at all."

Favorite pre-Emmy moment: Giuliana Depandi stepping on Portia de Rossi's dress.

Least favorite moments: Kate Walsh's hair, BSG losing both their noms, Tony Bennet and X-tina (or maybe I was just bored during the performance though I was still happy it wasn't a Brit-VMA moment)

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